Pregnancy threatens a lot of times, women's health and today we are fearing us on your health and your pregnancy functioning properly we will give you through this article cases where the pregnancy threatens the mother's life to pay attention to it.


- Condition, high blood pressure during pregnancy is an unusual condition, or the mother is suffering from this health problem, it is possible to return a negative impact on women's lives and health and the health of the fetus. It may cause high blood pressure during pregnancy probability of the birth of a little baby weight, or may lead to the entry of the mother to care in the hospital for a period of time prescribed by your doctor.


- PCOS condition, and was hit by a pregnant woman could have faced the problem of reproduction or as we could say to continue the pregnancy, with this syndrome are exposed to levels of pregnant high risk of miscarriage or premature birth.


- Diabetes is one of the cases in which threatens the mother pregnancy Every woman suffering from this disease have to regulate blood sugar before pregnancy, and it should monitored throughout pregnancy, Vhz disease affects them Ooas negatively in the second side could lead to the birth of the fetus with birth defects.


- Kidney disease is one of those cases where the pregnancy threatens the life of the mother was infected by it will suffer with it the risk of miscarriage, which may adversely affect their health, according to the time they are done, so it is necessary to pay attention to it and review the matter with your doctor.


- Many women face multiple diseases during pregnancy, including resume and multiple sclerosis immune diseases and so the incidence of problems in pregnancy in women which will reflect negatively on her life and could potentially threaten danger.

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