Differ fetal movement between a child and another and between the mother and the other, as many studies indicate that in the second pregnancy pregnant woman may feel the movement of the fetus earlier than in the first pregnancy. But this varies depending on the bodies of mothers. It is here we will give, but in this topic scientifically answer the question posed by many of the pregnant women about when the fetus is moving?


The month in which the mother feels the movement of her unborn child

Many doctors point out that first feeling among mothers movement of the fetus is in the fourth month of pregnancy, is this movement very light barely been felt by the mother due to the small size of the fetus in the womb is not allowed for many moms Baltokdinm reality and distinguish them from the gases. But, with the passage of time, the mother'll notice that these shivers has taken a particular style which is no doubt issued for her child.


As for pregnant mothers for the first time, they may not feel this movement solutions before the fifth month of pregnancy, and women who take longer after, all the way until the sixth month.


But it As the months of pregnancy, the fetus size becomes larger and it becomes difficult for him to extend his limbs and Thrkiha, which will allow the mother to feel larger his movement and anything done by intrauterine fetus begins Baltloa response to the emotions of the mother or the annoyance of a certain position or the hype that surrounds it from abroad , and proceed as following a pattern of sleeping and waking and expresses the extent influenced by certain types of food.


With the beginning of the seventh month of pregnancy, it will be the mother to her unborn child following the movement every day. This method will help to detect any sudden problem that may occur to the fetus, especially the movements in this period has become a regular and stronger than ever before, but after the eighth month later, and despite the fact that the pace of the child movement may become more regular, but he has paid the mother to feel it more and tenderness as a result of some kicks before the fetus, especially since the size of the child may become the largest in the womb.


The closer the date of birth of the child whenever eased movement within the womb as a result of the large size compared with where it is, which prevents him from the movement.

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