If you Tkhaddan to several attempts to download without any result and want to learn the causes of recurrent miscarriage, we are today through this article we will give you all the information about it.


The causes of recurrent miscarriage

Varied causes of recurrent miscarriages among them there are present in the family's history and that cause abortion in women between the most prominent genetic problems that cause blood clots have genetic problems which lead to abortion. Genetic disorder may cause blood clotting, which in turn also be a prime cause of the causes of recurrent miscarriage. It is possible that there will be an imbalance in the womb it can not be to carry the fetus is healthy, there becomes repeated several abortions. In addition to that recall the reasons for the hormonal formulations in women, which caused her repeated miscarriages and the inability to properly load the other hand, women may pick up a certain virus that causes her abortion and the inability to carry the fetus in the viscera. This, of course, mention the mother infected with some diseases that require radiation interference or women's addiction to smoking ...


The treatment of recurrent miscarriage

The doctor begins to address the causes of recurrent miscarriage by doing some tests for women to uncover what causes her abortion, along with the possibility of subjecting the pair of blood tests to detect any defect Balkromusumaat when any of the parties. The doctor's x-ray to make sure there are no abnormalities in the uterus used to be the causes of recurrent miscarriage, along with tests that women undergo to make sure that there is any defect in the genetic makeup. It is possible that the doctor prescribe some medications to protect women from abortion, with the possibility of describing some of the needles which are useful for installing pregnancy.

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