Suffer a lot of the ladies of dry skin in the winter and there are several methods available in order to overcome this and today through this article we will give you the most important instructions on the subject in order to Todei dry your skin completely and you get a skin supple and full of vitality.


Full body moisturizing

Useful to moisturize the skin after bathing directly because the pores are open lotions which can absorb quickly. It is important to choose Karim moist rich Shea Butter, or even of any natural oil as oil or almond oil, avocado, should this body fat oils completely. Effective hydration should focus on the elbow and knees, hands and ankles.


Regular exfoliation

You must follow the regular peeling skin peels to remove them, must never be itching skin harshly but after peeling must moisturize the skin to maintain freshness.


the importance of water

Water element is important for the skin because it is useful in moisture to overcome the dryness from here are advised to drink at least eight glasses of water a day to keep the skin moisture. On the other hand, it should not be Ttila bath time for more than 10 minutes and choose warm water, not hot.


Avoid friction with wool

Not my exposure to the skin during the winter wool directly, but it wore cotton wool Almlab by friction to keep them and remove them from the drought.


Moisturize lips

Lips are affected by a wave of winter Alajafah Vtaatakecr and lose its glory so moist lips from time to time and take care of her Bdehnha Bbulsm daily moisturizer as well as put a light on the eye contour cream.

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