Insomnia is difficult to go to bed (Insomnia) or waking up several times during the night or waking up in the early hours of the day and not being able to go back to sleep This is due to fatigue or anxiety and stress, and also due to the nature of eating the fact that our food that we eat daily little impact on our sleep either help us to sleep or increases in Orguena.


There are many foods and beverages play a positive role to help sleep but in reality they do not bring sleep but help stimulate feeling relaxed because they contain Altrepovan which when being in the blood stimulates the secretion of serotonin, a chemical that works to relax and thus enhances the feeling of wanting to sleep.


We offer you the most drinks that help relieve insomnia:



It is one of the most well-known tranquilizers, which prefers to drink before going to sleep, it is diluted in pain, calms the nervous system and calms cough intractable, and calms the nerves and anger, and reduce the severity of head aches and pains. It also deals with the pains and convulsions, and reduces the irritation of the colon, and cleanses the body, relieves muscle spasms and expels mint green gases from the body, and gives a sense of cold, and has an interest in alleviating stomach ache, as it uses a topical anesthetic in some cases.



Is one of the best teas soothing as a potent soothing the nerves of those who suffer from insomnia, and called the drink of the mattress, to help the mother to sleep smoothly, and can be prepared chamomile tea homemade put four to five flowers of chamomile in a cup of boiling water, and leaves a little steep, then drink to help you relax and extreme comfort, and then go to bed.



Also classified as an herbal sedative for the nerves, which must be resorted to in cases of insomnia. He is an anti-nausea and dizziness, which may Arfaqa many cases of insomnia, it also helps to remove stomach infections, liver and activates through the sulfur in it, and expels toxins, helps blood building, and to strengthen memory, and reduce their vulnerability, treats asthma and system diseases respiratory, and also it helps to increase sexual ability, and if mixed with milk is a very useful compound.


the milk

Cup warm in the evening daily is useful to calm the nerves and relax a rich Baltrepettovan any amino acids that have a soothing effect and also calcium, which helps to use tryptophan in the brain.



Minimizing drinking water cause dehydration and the body is tired of the lack of water and for this you can not relax so you can not sleep so best to drink two liters of water a day, taking into account drinking it in the beginning of the day so do not go too much into the bathroom and cut your sleep.


A cup of milk with honey

Cup cold milk or hot has the same calming effect, Calcium helps muscle relaxant and anti-oxidant to smooth out the activity of the mind, because they combine with the active oxygen in the blood, Vtqll speed of electric charges.

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