Pregnant women are wondering about how to detect fetal death in within them, and how can you know when this happens. May you hear a lot about this, but what is notable that some of the signs that seem phenomenon among some help women discover this painful reality. Find out with us today the most prominent symptoms of fetal death.


First, it is the most prominent symptoms that reveal a pregnant woman for the death of the fetus within it, it is the absence of the pulse of the fetus and not feeling any beat him, and can make sure this thing by going to visit a doctor who is doing the right diagnosis of the situation, especially in the early stage of pregnancy.


Second, if the pregnancy is in the advanced months, it can be for a pregnant woman to note the death of the fetus by not feeling his movement or any of the touches that are often simple and light even if the fetus is not completed yet configured.


Third, also of the most prominent symptoms of fetal death reminded not to increase the size of the belly Allowadlh, references to the lack of growth of the fetus inside it, and this requires them to go to a specialist doctor to diagnose the situation and make sure the order or exile.


Fourth, as well as the symptoms of fetal death to draw some kicks performed by the child in the advanced stages of pregnancy may disappear in case of death and this imposes on the mother continued to keep in mind what he is doing fetal movements.


Fifth, as well as in this context, the mother notice some symptoms of the death of the fetus through the changes in her body, most notably the small size of the breasts, which often grow in size in pregnancy, but in the case of the death of the fetus, they they return to a normal condition.


Sixth, this is worth mentioning that the milk out of the breast, or what is known as the milk after birth, can refer to the death of the fetus, especially since it often happens that several days after the death of the fetus.

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