The brain or the brain power is an imbalance and work irregular secretion electrode located in the brain that is, there are some Altzbmat in the brain that are rushing through excess or excessive speed, and show this increase in brain power on the existence of a state of epilepsy.


The increase in shipments electrode in the brain disrupt the work of these cells, and lead to vibrations abnormally affecting the orders issued by the rest of the private nervous system parts of the body, and cause it to happen muscular contractions involuntarily in the body cause convulsions that we observe, that the convulsions is an involuntary muscle contractions caused by the presence of abnormal electrical activity in the brain. And more than catch these neonatal cases of birth, and be such an injury resulting from a lack of oxygen supply to the baby's brain, or because of the presence of inflammation in the membranes surrounding the brain.


Symptoms of brain power in children

The symptoms of increased brain power when the kids are summarized thus:


- Weakness in the feeding process

- High or low in the baby's temperature

- Frequent vomiting

- Appear on the child's neurological signs of excess

- Child spasm and his absence from the consciousness for a short period may extend for ten minutes

- The emergence of disorders in speech

- Difficulty Pronunciation

- Dizziness, headaches Permanent

- Numbness and pain in the body's organs

- Blurred vision

- Frequent motor activity in children


Methods used in the treatment of excess electricity in the brain

For the treatment of excess electricity in the brain must take medication prescribed by the doctor to the patient and attendance taking medications prescribed by a specialist doctor regularly started.


Or the possibility of addressing the herbal drink is made up of a hundred grams of hops, and a hundred grams of violets, and fifty grams of Lemon balm; where breaking these herbs without milling uses a tablespoon of them in a cup of boiling water and soak for 12 hours, then boil the mixture on fire for 5 minutes, spoon and drink it in the morning.

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