Have you ever heard of gestational diabetes experienced by some pregnant women during the nine months? But did not learn what are the most prominent symptoms that reveal a woman's gestational diabetes. So we chose in our theme for today is to let you know about the most prominent symptoms of gestational diabetes in order to hedge against them, or in the case of aggravation suffered during your pregnancy.


Common symptoms

It happens often that a pregnant woman suffering from sugar in the blood as a result of many different factors, here enumerate a number of general symptoms felt by pregnant when exposed to diabetes.


- Symptoms of the highlights of a woman's pregnant with sugar first mention frequent urinary infection, where pregnant women feel a fire in the urine continuously, so in this case the lookout to her diabetes during her pregnancy.


- Also from the general symptoms that affect a pregnant woman is the excess of appetite and desire to eat continuously and this refers to her diabetes.


- As well as the symptoms that indicate infection in pregnant women with diabetes remind weakness in the matter and the inability to focus look in one direction, and this was caused by the loss of a pregnant woman by high water as a result of having to urinate continuously.


- Also mention here numbness in various organs of the body, severe Wazzkhoz in the feet, and this refers to her diabetes.


Symptoms of hyperglycemia in pregnant women

- In this context, the pregnant woman is in a state of extreme thirst, where it needs to drink plenty of water, then you realize that they are suffering from high blood sugar level, and it must ensure the reduction.


- Also when high blood sugar in pregnant women, we recall that they feel very tired and desire to vomit leads often to a desire to sleep continuously for a long time, at different times during the day.


- Well aware of the pregnant women she complained of a rise in blood sugar when you feel dizzy and constantly complaining of difficulty breathing constantly, which leads to a lot of cases of fainting.


Symptoms of low blood sugar in pregnant women

- Can be aware that women suffer from low blood sugar through a rapid heartbeat dramatically, which paid to feeling tired and faint.


- Also symptoms of low blood sugar, frequent mention sweating and feeling nervous excess and some mood swings that seem obvious pregnant women, with the intensification of the violent reactions.


- Pregnant women may lose the ability to focus in the case suffered a drop in blood sugar, so when it suffered from this problem by caution and eat some sweets.

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