How do you know that your child is not satiation Tarrdan him more? Today we are through this article we will give you signs of satiety in infants so that you recognize them closely and alongside signs of hunger in order to provide food for your baby right time.


Hunger marks when the baby

Notice signs of hunger when your child when the child's great eagerness on the mother's breast This note has been the lack of sleep when the baby and permanent desire to cry even after food. The baby, who feel hungry often not only the food you eat does not gain weight and to prove it. Mother notes that the child does not pee regularly in large quantity during the day and from here it has to know that the child is not full of food. A child who is not full when eating food remains disturbed his sleep and be spotty ...


Satiety marks when the baby

Signs of satiety when the infant child pee several times a day in a systematic way a little bit, besides develops a child's growth and weight and increases the well. A child who feels satiety after eating grows and develops its weight well, especially if it is based on a diet of breastfeeding. Child who is full after eating slept for hours continuously without discomfort also note that his mouth carries a pink moisturize often. The infant and the child returned to cry and then I tried to breastfeed him and did not accept this is the mark not be hungry but have moisture nappy brand, for example. Sections of breastfeeding between the region of the left breast and right breast region of each for 10 minutes in order to be sure your child satiation entirely.

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