Cough for a pregnant woman is very different from the treatment adopted by people very often, especially women is pregnant, and in this issue the day we decided to highlight the most prominent ways to treat cough for a pregnant woman that must be cautious and prudent in would take medication or undergo unnecessary treatments when infected with the disease .



Of the most prominent natural food ingredients that help treat cough in pregnant women, we recall the honey, which helps clean the respiratory system of impurities and microbes that may harm it, and is therefore effective in eliminating cough and does not harm the health of the fetus and the health of women. Eat honey twice a day you get a desired result.



Drink two cups of ginger a day help to treat cough for pregnant women without damage to their health or's share fetus, so it is important to pay pregnant women great importance to this hot drink that helps to rid it of severe coughing, and contribute to the elimination of microbes that cause cough, thanks to its content of antioxidants.



Last healthy food ingredient helps in the treatment of cough for pregnant women, an onion, which is one of the best types of foods in this area. Onions contain high amount of material assistance in the fight against microbes and viruses that are harmful to the respiratory system in pregnant women, so it is useful to Asaid treatment of cough and get rid of severe cough that gets tired pregnant women, especially in the advanced stages of pregnancy.



This green herb that grows in different seasons, can help to get rid of the cough in pregnant women, as it provides them protection from microbes and donations bitter cold that lead to colds and thus a sharp cough. Eat two cups a day for them you get the desired result, but the preparation of the hot drink of hibiscus, national water boil over low heat, just like normal tea, Tnaouliha once in the morning and once at night.

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