With the onset of winter, every mother to protect her children from flu papyrus, infectious diseases and viruses circulating in the surrounding environment is preparing But no matter how strong your preparations, you can not control all the bacteria and germs viruses that might be exposed to your baby in his daily life, but you can strengthen the immune apparatus that works warrior natural diseases, viruses and bacteria that may face.


Steps and roads used to strengthen the baby's immunity in winter


There are steps and healthy habits should be careful mother to a child's life incorporated in the system even help him to build and establish a strong immune system to him since childhood. It has found that children who are breastfed natural breast milk are resistant stronger in the face of diseases for fed artificial milk because the mother's milk contains antibodies to the infection that will strengthen the child's immunity and protect it from a variety of ailments Kalthabat ear, allergies, urinary tract infections and others.


- Accidental your baby to the sun rays appropriate for their skin in order to help them to improve the performance of his immune system and provide him with vitamin "d" is also helping the sun's rays on the formation of calcium is important to strengthen bones and teeth.


- Proper nutrition for the breastfeeding mother of the most important factors that contribute to build and strengthen your child's immune Fabtaadi rapid industrial foods and make sure to eat fruits and vegetables that contain vitamins and nutrients beneficial to the infant and that increases the body's ability to produce white blood cells that work to fight infections and viruses.


- Ensure Times sleep system your baby and make sure to sleep enough sleep during the night Lack of sleep for periods of sufficient reduces the immune system's ability to fight diseases.


- You should not give babies antibiotics whenever parents feel that the child is a patient vital Valamadadat prescribed to treat bacterial infections, not viral. Since most of the diseases that afflict infants are transient viral diseases there is no reason to use antibiotics more frequently sick child.

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