Many of the problems and the symptoms may be experienced by women during their pregnancy. In most of them are normal and can be treated. Among these symptoms, stomach pain, or heartburn, because of the lack of movement of pregnant prolonged and sits, or due to disorders in digestion, a problem experienced by the majority of women. How can you treated?


Follow these procedures

There are a range of measures that may help alleviate the symptoms of heartburn or stomach pain, which is safe for the fetus. Such as:


- Eat in the form of multiple small meals, between 5 to 6 meals a day, instead of eating three main meals.


-tnola Food slowly and make sure to chew well.


- Avoid eating any kind of food or drinks before going to sleep three hours.


-tjunba Use strong spices or hot food, and bitch about takeaway fried foods and dextrin and fatty meals, they loosen the stomach valve, making it worse.


- Avoid chocolate, coffee, soft drinks and acidic juices, mint and even chewing gum.


- Stay away from smoking.


- Avoid drinking large amounts of fluids with the food, it increases the likelihood that the rise of gastro-esophageal acid and thus burning sensation.


- Avoid lying down or stretch or bend right after eating, it is advisable to sleep on a high pillow.


- When going to sleep or relax in bed preferably several cushions placed under the head, or raise the bed head on the one hand, to maintain a higher level of feet and prevent contagious from boarding esophageal acid.


Popular Recipes

There are recipes popularity may help to relieve heartburn and stomach pain, including:

Garlic: Although it may cause a burning sensation in some women, but it is when others may help to relieve heartburn, so it can enter into all the garlic cooks, or eating cloves a day or two in the morning.


Natural Herbs: can help relieve heartburn, such as ginger and chamomile or parsley.


Antacids: In the event of continued burning sensation is possible to use antacids, which are sold without a prescription, which are considered safe during pregnancy, but I prefer to consult a doctor when they are used.

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