There are many benefits found in the cheese and dairy products, of which today we have chosen to offer you the many benefits of Quraish cheese which are necessary for your body Vatalawa them through this article.


Benefits of Quraish cheese

Quraish cheese contain a high amount of protein, calcium, sodium and zinc, along with small amounts of fat and cholesterol. Quraish of the benefits of cheese because it helps to reduce the risk of breast cancer in women because it includes vitamin D and calcium and limit the possibility of occurrence of strokes and reduce anxiety and stress in people. Quraish cheese Yet they contain high levels of calcium are good for children and help them to grow as they benefit pregnant women because it is useful to provide them with calcium-General of Health.


Besides stating Quraish cheese fetus because they contain folic acid, which contributes to its growth and reduce the risk of congenital embryos. When you decide to lose Znkm, Quraish cheese is the most appropriate solution for you thermal Valsarat in them a few fat with low and are covered with a variety of vegetables, including cucumbers, tomatoes, olives ... In addition to the included Quraish cheese a large amount of potassium, which works to balance the fluid rate the body and stimulates the nerves and muscles of the brain and works to relieve muscle spasm and prevents blood clots and reduces blood pressure.


How Quraish cheese

This cheese is one of the types of white cheese produced by the fermentation of milk and know this method as the Altjbn acid is also used buffalo milk in the manufacture of this type of cheese. Quraish cheese of different types of milk and manufactured by a variety of coagulation processes may be large or small to get several types of cheese Quraish.

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