The nine months of pregnancy experienced by the women are always capable of producing a child is able to cope with life complete physical and mental growth. These nine months, which is divided into three phases differ between each other, and each of them Tbaal role needed in the growth of the fetus in the bowels of his mother. What are the stages of pregnancy and how to be where the growth of the fetus? The answer in this thread.

The first stage of pregnancy

This stage begins from the moment of ovulation until the end of the third month of pregnancy, although the first month may not leave any marks on the mother, but he is developing the fetus where the spinal cord tube and pipe the heart and the brain of a primitive eyes and kidney begins to take shape. However the first month the passage begins Mother to feel some symptoms that indicate the possibility of the existence of pregnancy and perhaps the most notable congestion breast, fatigue, frequent urination, as shown by nausea signs, while the fetus in the second month will consist has arms, legs and face clearly, all the major organs are present, and the brain begins to rapid growth , bringing its size to half the size of the body.

In the third month, then the mother begins to feel some weight, especially as the size of the fetus becomes about 10 centimeters and weighs about 30 grams, and can be at the end of this month to be able to know the sex of the fetus, especially as genital become a phenomenon.

Chapter II of pregnancy

This chapter, which extends from the fourth month until the sixth month, is considered one of the most beautiful stages of pregnancy, especially since the carrier will begin to feel the movement of the fetus in the intestines eased nausea and fatigue that was suffered in the first stage, as though her stomach Baltkon will start appearing.

As for the child, he witnessed a lot of developments and growth in this period where its members become fully integrated from the fourth month, where he also develops the scalp. In the fifth month, the fetus begins to move his arms and legs vigorously, and this growth will continue into the sixth month, where it becomes a sense of the movement of the fetus stronger and more regular, and you can see more detail and explained.

The third trimester and last

Mother needs in this chapter, which runs between the seventh and ninth months much attention to Bgmaiha and vitamins you eat because of its great importance to the health of the fetus in this period. Embryo begins to gain weight, which leads to increased weight of the mother, and begins to end the stages of growth in preparation for the move, the birth date of hearing be developed almost completely has and this is evident in the child's response to sounds.

At this stage also develop lung function completely, and become full and round parties but with the end of the 40th week, the baby movement appears less than the previous period, and this will be conclusive evidence of his willingness to go out into the world and face life.

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