Calcium is an essential in pregnancy in a different stage of the women, it is useful for the growth of the child, and the decreasing of the body that may adversely affect the growth of the fetus. And this is very common among pregnant women, due to the need of the child to a large amount of it healthy and full of growth. In our topic today, we chose to let you know about the most prominent ways to treat calcium deficiency in pregnancy.


First, most roads following the treatment of calcium deficiency in pregnant women is to eat calcium-rich food, and most important of milk and milk products, as drinking a glass of milk a day, can help to calcium, which the body needs to provide, and that the introduction of cheese and dairy at the heart of the diet healthy women help tremendously in providing the amount of calcium needed by the body.


Secondly, it is also another way to treat calcium deficiency in pregnant women, which is based on eating leafy vegetables like spinach and mallow and other vegetables that are very rich in this article. So do not Thmli addressed in your diet, your health this stage.


Third, Fish is one of the nutrients to help get a full healthy food rich in calcium, which provides for a pregnant woman and her child the necessary ratio of calcium, which need her in pregnancy, especially since your baby needs calcium in stages created over nine months. It is the best types of fish that need to be addressed in this period, we remind sardines and salmon.


Fourth, there is also another way, followed by the doctor for the treatment of calcium deficiency in pregnant women, which is based on the intake of medical calcium supplements that are taken up like the grain of medication after meals or before, depending on what he calls her doctor. These supplements should not be addressed without going back to the doctor, it can determine the quantity to be addressed or not.

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