When teeth are exposed to decay, it is possible to have a serious consequences on the child's health, so it is advisable dentists parents attention since childhood clean baby's mouth and not to give him sweet drinks in feeding bottles. The children of the age groups most vulnerable to tooth decay, and despite the different causes that lead to tooth decay at an early age, a lot of parents do not take their children's teeth decay seriously, considered by many as the primary teeth are temporary teeth. But it may be deciduous baby teeth to decay, which is caused by acids produced by bacteria in the mouth that and analyze the structure of the tooth. It is necessary to deal with it quickly so as to prevent exacerbations and its impact on children's health, and there are several options for this, including fillings and treatment of nerve.


Thmiloa not display your child to the dentist in the event of decay teeth!

If tooth decay deciduous must be the child immediately displayed on the right doctor, it is imperative that immediate treatment of his teeth are subject to prevent the spread of decay to the rest of the teeth, and thus protect the baby teeth from exposure to any subsequent risk, and protect the permanent teeth from injury caries later.


Here we note that determine the therapeutic procedure that is followed with teeth infected the child, depending on the degree of damage as a result of decay.


If the cavities in the teeth ranges from simple average, it is usually treated with plastic fillings, which requires some time and require that the child is patient and cooperate with the doctor in order to be installed.


Symptoms of tooth decay

The occurrence of the symptoms of decay in baby teeth and many of them:


- A white spot appears on the tooth

- Child feeling pain in teeth

- Sensitive teeth when you eat something cold or hot


- Bad taste in the mouth

- The emergence of a black or brown spots on the teeth


Thus Thmon your child's teeth from decay!

Prevention is better than cure, which is the first key to avoid tooth decay and treat problems, good health habits that will stay with your child even in old age, and because children are prone to tooth decay because of breastfeeding and breast milk and other types of milk sweetened, here are some tips that you can do:


- Do not Tmlia the bottle or bottle-feeding your sweet drinks.

- Do not put your baby to bed with juice or milk or other beverages.

- Once the little sleep, you keep the bottle for your baby.

- Limit the amount of juice or sweetened beverages covered by the child to 150 g or less.

- Wipe inside the baby's mouth with a soft, clean cloth after every meal.

- Start by brushing the teeth.

- Use toothpastes that do not contain fluoride that your baby gets older, making it able to not swallow the toothpaste.

- Check your child's teeth regularly at the dentist as soon as attainable two or three years any deciduous teeth once completed.


Deciduous dental caries in children

For the treatment of tooth decay when your children, committed the following steps:


- Take care of the cleanliness of the child's teeth, by rubbing the teeth and gums with a cloth or moist gauze, to get rid of germs.

- Balanced nutrition rich in nutrients containing iron, phosphorus, and reduce your intake of sweets, and stay away from carbonated beverages.

- Wean a child from artificial feeding in the first year of life, and if it was necessary to give him a bottle, preferably fill the bottle with water only.

- Visit the dentist children during the first years of life, helps prevent tooth decay and avoided early.

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