Appendicitis is a small pouch attached to the large intestine and the people who are diagnosed them with appendicitis requires them appendectomy operation, or surgery to remove the appendix. Valzaidh appendicitis is defined as a small piece-like shape of the cylinder at the beginning, and be open, but at the end to be closed, are found in the large intestine, but at the end on the right lower abdomen. Appendicitis is useful because they contain a fabric lymphocytic help increase the body's immunity against viruses and harmful bacteria. The disease appendicitis is through exposure to the bacteria that cause chronic infections infect appendicitis, and multiply them even make them able to withstand these infections and the cause of the pain, or the occurrence of appendicitis disease through infected with sharp pains persist for long periods, but in the form of bouts intermittent.


Appendicitis is one of the medical emergency, so it's important to know how to recognize the signs of their occurrence in order to squint medical help as soon as possible. 


These symptoms portend appendicitis

Of the symptoms that accompany the disease appendicitis:


- The patient suffered abdominal pain entire area to be proven to be in the right side of the lower abdomen, and the pain is a surprise to those who catch him without warning it is one of the most important symptoms associated with appendicitis disease.


- Injury appendicitis severe degree rise in temperature is also considered one of the important symptoms of infection appendicitis patient, be a fever of pain after the time of infection.


- Suffering from appendicitis exposed to a permanent sense of nausea, dizziness and extreme fatigue.


- From acute appendicitis patient feeling a strong desire to vomit, and the inability to afford food in the stomach, and a sense of unrest that has exposed his stomach.


- Cough symptoms of appendicitis.


- Patients lose excess worms desire to eat, much less his appetite.


- The occurrence of the rotation in the incidence of constipation and diarrhea from time to time is also one of the symptoms of appendicitis.


- From the symptoms of appendicitis also injury swelling in the abdominal area.


- Tnhabs gases in the body of appendicitis patient and lose the ability to get rid of them, also is one of the symptoms associated with appendicitis disease.


- Injury excess patient appendicitis explosion which cause the transfer of all its contents intestine toward the abdomen, affecting the peritoneal membrane that surrounds the abdominal infection.


- Peritoneum of severe acute symptoms of appendicitis.


- For the accumulation of the abscess appendicitis symptoms of infection as well.


- Pain in the navel is one of acute appendicitis.

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