With these reasons Snaddha today you through this article you Snalmon swollen feet appears when pregnant so be on the prevention of these things that Sttalon day around.


- With a long-standing and fatigue during pregnancy swollen feet it appears when pregnant Few movement produces swelling of the feet and swollen so it is advisable that a woman moving through her pregnancy.


- Eating foods rich in salt significantly swollen feet during pregnancy appears when pregnant Increasing sodium in a woman's body during pregnancy increases water retention in the body.

- It was in no pregnancy in the summer and offers a woman's body for a lot of the heat and see the free swelling of the feet when pregnant. In this chapter, it is essential that women are waking up to them to carry and raise her legs from time to time.


- Of other reasons for swollen feet pregnant when we mention the increase in the pregnant weight during pregnancy more than the permitted weight according to the size of her body and that's what does not suit so it is necessary to prevent it.


- There are some diseases that may be suffered by women, which in turn may cause swelling of the feet when pregnant, including heart disease, kidney disease, liver disease, and other diseases affecting the salts in the body.


- With the pregnancy progresses pregnant women may be forced to eat certain types of drugs that may lead to water retention in the body, including the anti-inflammatory ...


- The wearing of shoes is appropriate during pregnancy is what leads to the swelling of the feet when pregnant so it is necessary to focus on the type of shoes worn by women in this period.

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