Take for postpartum bleeding after birth from two weeks to six weeks. It is essential in that period attention to personal hygiene and cleanliness of the region are particularly sensitive, especially in cases of natural birth and the presence of injured or vaginal enlargement process. We offer you in this article are some tips on how to take care of personal Bnzaftk after birth.

Anal hygiene

It is very important to keep your sensitive area clean and dry to avoid infections or becoming infected. Every time you go into the bathroom, make sure to clean the anal area with lukewarm water, then Wipe dry smoothly. And can be washed with disinfectant diluted with water, and stay away from the normal shampoo, soap and lotion, which contains perfumes, which may cause irritation of the area. Bathing, and you must not sit parked in the bathtub so as not to move germs.


It is important to also use sanitary pads and replaced every four hours to avoid taking allergies or exposure to the bacteria because of the bleeding stopped.


If you were born by Caesarean section, you have to take care of good wound process and the navel and keep up on Nzafthma. And make sure to drink plenty of water even get rid of the accumulated fluid in your body during pregnancy and avoid taking cystitis.


Cleaner breasts

If you are breastfeeding, you should wash your breasts with warm water after each feeding, your baby to protect them from germs and infections and protect. And if you ever encounter the problem of leakage of milk from the breasts, use cotton towels and special Geriha as they become damp to avoid germs.


Hand hygiene

The task of cleaning hands also because it is easily pick up germs. You always cleaned with soap and lukewarm water even get rid of bacteria and germs, especially before and after eating, before changing the diaper and after, before and after carrying a child, and before and after using the toilet.

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