Allergies Chest is one of the most prevalent respiratory diseases. Although it may infect many people at various age groups, but it often begins in childhood, specifically in the fifth age, and is defined as a chronic disease that leads to irritation of the respiratory passages; but it increases their effectiveness dramatically when he grows up person, especially a result of exposure to a lot of things, especially smoking and passive smoking. What are the symptoms of thoracic sensitivity in adults? The answer in this thread.

Symptoms of thoracic sensitivity in adults

There are a lot of symptoms that may indicate the possibility of injury to the sensitive thoracic Perhaps the most prominent of extreme difficulty in breathing accompanied by the emergence of a beep sound, particularly so during sleep, in addition to a very severe cough clearly demonstrated during the hours of the night and the morning, and very difficult to talk.

It also symptoms that indicate the presence of symptoms of thoracic sensitivity in adults is a sense of heaviness, or constriction in the chest area. Hence, it must be pointed to the fundamental point that these symptoms dramatically during the show in some time and perhaps the most notable during exercise, with a cold, or after the smell of smoke. This is why the patient is compelled to do some medical tests to determine the strength of this sensitivity, including spirometry, which works to determine lung function test and measurement of the ability to breathe good. You can also use a device called a flow meter, which measures the strength of exhaling into a tube to measure the force of the air, which can be spent from the lungs.

In some cases, the doctor of the patient may be asked to undergo a chest X-ray to rule out any other diseases may be caused by any similar symptoms.

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