Worries and daily tasks we were sometimes to some of the pressures that cause stress. This tension would lead us into a state of nervousness deny us peace and tranquility. But how do you get rid of nervous tension that may hinder us from performing our work. You by my health are some simple ways you can help to treat tension and restore calm, in a matter of only 5 minutes site.
Chewing gum: Chewing gum helps in reducing hormone cortisol levels in the body and is known Bhormon tension. And it helps chewing gum to relieve tension and relax the muscles and thus get rid of the cramping. And it is recommended for students before exams because it saves them from the exam tension and increases the proportion of their focus and attention.
Massage: Massage relaxes the nerves and helps get rid of the body spasms. Convulsions and can control the body through the pressure and massage the muscle under the thumb, this muscle is an important point Tdena helps to eliminate tension and cramping.
Meditation: Meditation helps to relaxation exercises and thus get rid of the tension. The daily meditation may alter the neural pathways in the brain and makes you more able to cope with stress.
Cold water: Contains area wrists and behind the ears on the arteries back to relax all parts of the body if they are cooled with cold water. And showering with cold water stimulates circulation and contributes to the flow of blood to the member and thus relieve the tension.
Honey: Honey has a calming effect, it also contains the components of working to reduce the inflammation in the brain any reduction of depression, anxiety and tension, so when feeling cramps in the body as a result of nervous tension, the one spoon of natural honey may be useful.
Sports: It is known that exercise can help relieve nervous and psychological stress and even depression, by getting rid of the negative energy in the body through exercise.
Warm bath: Taking a warm bath also contributes to the removal of tension. It is also useful to sit in the bathtub for a certain period, with the operation of some quiet music, lighting scented candles, which helps to create an atmosphere of relaxation.

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