The first day will not be without the baby home from crying, sleeping and feeding and fatigue, may feel that the first night of your child in a complex home, but there are some basics that must exist in your home from the first day, to meet your needs and the needs of your baby and provide comfort for you.

Cotton Sluptat

Your job will be a concern in the first week of your child at home, is to provide a means of comfort to him and you, and before the influx of visitors to the house to welcome the new baby would need everything from baby clothes will Underwear soft cotton begins.

Lumbar for swaddling cover

May tell you that swaddling just an old habit is necessary, but it is one of the basic skills that should be on the mother learned, swaddling is an old style aims to make the child feel safe where swaddling pressing slightly on the child's body strap gives it a sense of security reflects the feeling of pressure he felt in the mother's womb, so you may raise lapping Baalghemat desire to sleep with your baby, and whether your child prefers swaddling or likes to be covered, you will need to cover or cotton sheets for this purpose.

rocking chair

In case you are with the child alone for an hour or more, and want to get a cup of water or go to the bathroom to shower or go to fetch anything important, you'll bring a rocking chair or the baby bouncer, where there are types of flat make the child sleeps or sits with his back Vda without curvature, It is suitable for children from birth.

Child's bed

Sleeping baby and wake up at any time; there will be no schedule specific dates of waking and sleeping, so it must be a place of baby sleeping next to you all the time, and if you do Tsttiei buy a new bed for a child or your home space does not permit the purchase of a special bed for the baby, you do not need to worry about everything just buy a basket sleep "Moses Basket", a small bed for a newborn can carry and move it from one place to another, it is easy for you to move the position of the baby-bedroom home with ease to ensure convenience and comfort.

Comfortable seat for breastfeeding

Mother spend the first days after birth in carrying the baby or breastfeed, they should be quiet comfortable, preferably fed out of bed, and sitting on a low chair has armrests, and assigned her feet to the datum of the spectrum, so you have allocated a place or a comfortable seat you can from breastfeeding without tiring.

Car seat for children

Can not leave the hospital without a car seat, which is one of the most child equipment importance, as it is used from the first moment to take the child from the hospital to the home, there are two types of car seats for infants, namely: reserved seats for infants only, seats convertible to transport children when you walk.


Being ready prenatal period to store the amount of diapers, baby consumes a large number could be up to 12 diapers a day, so you will need to purchase a large quantity of them, Stbdelan diapers constantly to avoid injury Btzlkhat baby, especially if they are soiled with fecal matter.

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