Weaning must pass by every mother was breastfeeding after about the age of two, where the child needs to rely on other sources of nutrition is the mother's milk. It can feel the pain that this difficult phase, and this is not surprising, because a gradual weaning process that requires patience and deep understanding. So we offer you some of the ways that make it easier on you and your child this process.

- Limit the number of times to facilitate breastfeeding gradually wean the child, nor Tnqtaa breastfeeding abruptly. You can pray during the two months to feeding once a day, and then stop when the child gets used to a bottle of milk.

- You do not have to put your specific date to stop breast-feeding and weaning your baby, but you must wait until you feel that your child is accustomed to a bottle of milk, which is fed well without feeding.

- If you start feeding your baby through the milk powder and other food mashed, not Taaoda never breastfeeding.

- Try to spend more time with your child during the weaning period, so as not to feel the loss of affection because of its distance from you.

But is it a specific timing for weaning?

Unlike some studies, indicated a recent study carried out by researchers from University College, University of London, that whenever weaning early, could represent the right decision in the interests of the infant, especially among those who are breastfed.

The study also noted that the introduction of other solid nutrients may represent greater than the continuing benefit of breast-feeding, and can enter the food starting from the fourth month. And it warned that continued reliance on milk only until the age of 6 months can lead to iron deficiency amounts in the body of the child, and then suffering iron deficiency anemia.

As a result of inconsistencies in the results between studies, not the timing of the beginning of weaning resolved.

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