A lot of things of concern to women during pregnancy and childbirth, including most importantly the signs and how to know. During pregnancy women live a lot of experiences that leave them at a loss, especially in the last days of pregnancy and today through this article we will give you a multiple birth signs that notify you that you Stdkhlin labor and childbirth that has become close Vtaathoudran her and you're ready for the new baby.

The fall of the abdomen down

When it comes time to give birth you'll notice the fall of your belly down in preparation for labor and birth and at that time you will feel that there is a force pushing on the bladder because of the increased weight of the child at this stage with the change to the nines as times and urinate more than you have.

Cervical dilation

The woman's uterus begins to widen with the approaching date of birth and, of course, women do not feel this is only when you visit a gynecologist for inspection prior to the date of birth and the widening will be shown through internal checks and periodic With all examined by the doctor tells you how wide.

Back pain

From birth signs mention the pain in the lower abdomen area, as in the area of ​​the thighs, lower back and also in the muscles and joints that begin at this time lying down and taking different positions in preparation for the birth.


Relaxant with bowel movements nearly natal women suffer from the problem of diarrhea, so they should know that this is from birth marks.

Fatigue and tiredness

Mother finds it difficult to sleep and suffer from insomnia and frequent urination, back pain and this would make them vulnerable to constant fatigue so you'll need to largest for rest and relaxation time.

Urine color change

From birth urine color change when women to brown signs may become mixed with a little blood.

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