We often hear about some of the ways that will help you to know a baby's gender without any analysis or test, and despite the fact that these traditional methods are considered inaccurate and incorrect but it is still used frequently.
What about the way know the sex of the fetus of his movement?
Despite the availability of scientific evidence and that the growth of the members of the fetus needs to be sufficiently capable of distinguishing the sex of the fourth month, but many mothers Tljon to other ways you may be able to satisfy her curiosity and answer the question of whether the pregnancy was a boy or a girl in early before entering in the fourth month.
There are some mothers that only by following common ways to know the sex of the fetus without being subject to any medical test, usually these methods are based on the experiences of previous generations or based on previous experiences of women have experienced pregnancy tests and Ojman the presence of recipes or milestones can the mother from which discrimination the sex of the fetus.
It is said a lot about that fetal movement at the beginning of his movements to indicate sex. In the case of the mother felt the movement of the early embryo before the twentieth week during which begins fetal movements, it shows that she was pregnant to the Bold.
In case you feel many movements within Ohachaik it demonstrates to the girl you're pregnant! Also, if you feel the movement inside you it is likely that you are pregnant, fancied, but if I felt it a penalty point to pregnancy boy.
To what extent can adopt this approach and consider this information is correct?
Point out that fetal movement be initially a small bumping the wall of the anterior abdominal fetus parties, and with the development of much-pregnancy to become more and more powerful. The movements vary from one woman to another, and keep this information is clinically confirmed, as the doctors advise medical examination and undergo sonar to know the sex of the fetus correctly and accurately.


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