Laser is used to treat skin imperfections using light rays, where he works to reduce skin wrinkles and get rid of facial spots and acne and tighten the skin. The results of laser therapy and positive working on the renewal of the skin where the look more youthful, helping to improve the texture and color of the skin. And is determined that the type of laser used for skin treatment according to skin type and color.
Vtakecar facial skin is the process of removing the external layers of the skin in cases of weakness of the skin and the injury of stains or the effects of surface and scars caused by some skin diseases and through the development of some products to remove the skin layer and give the skin the opportunity to renew the external skin, and with the advances in the treatment of many skin diseases Pat laser the latest in the field of treatment and peeling facial spots.
How peeling facial laser technology work?

Peeling face through laser treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, using computers running on carbon dioxide, Erbium laser, or laser another device, by removing several layers of damaged skin. This procedure also helps to soften lines around the eyes and mouth, and reduce scarring the face and provides homogeneous color of the skin.
Laser Facial for peeling process
Peeling facial laser process that takes approximately one hour, depending on the area to be treated. Some cases may require more than one session, you most 1-6. Anesthesia and be either general or intravenous sedation with local anesthesia.
The potential for the process of peeling facial laser side effects
The peeling facial laser side effects that may result from this procedure, such as a temporary swelling in the treated area with discomfort or mild pain, lightening or darkening of the treated skin, an acute sensitivity to the sun, or increased sensitivity to makeup and skin care products, and some redness appears on the skin, which may continue for a period of up to six months.
Risks resulting from peeling facial laser process
Risks which may result from peeling facial laser, or the appearance of burns caused by laser heat injuries, wounds or scarring, abnormal changes in skin color, and ignited a viral infection of the Cold Kalkaroh, rarely some cases of other infections appear.
In the case of peeling laser effects and acne scars
The effect of peeling laser in the case of the effects of acne scars is very good in cases of acne scars and deep drilling The more profound the role Lafraxl Laser important as acne treatments and helps by 50-60% in reducing drilling with other treatments, and applies the same instructions for Bkremat Peel of prevention before and after use on the skin.
Leading candidate to perform laser skin treatment
The most prominent of a need to make facial peeling process by laser are:
- Older people who suffer from the appearance of facial wrinkles and want to get rid of them to seem younger.
- Young teen who suffer from pimples caused by acne or spots caused by smallpox.
- People who suffer from damage to the skin due to exposure to sunlight, which results in the appearance of freckles and spots and freckles.
- People who suffer from skin color change and a lack of collagen.

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