Of the most famous fruit that takes the color black or brown once sliced ​​or peeled bananas and apples are, making the shape unappetizing when applying. And many of us feared addressed to darkening their color. But why would prevail after the banana peel? And the secret behind it? Here is the answer in this article.

Oxidative stress

Bananas, like other fruits such as apples reacts with oxygen and turn into a brown color after peel directly exposed to air. Although the taste of bananas does not change, however, it affects the shape becomes the color black. But how do you get that process?

Most fruits and vegetables contain complex organic compounds called enzymes found inside plant tissues, when the occurrence of any scratching of fruit, exposed those enzymes of air or oxygen, Vtenct enzymes directly and operates some of the compounds found in the fruit, would receive enzyme leads to the oxidation reaction and thus to change the color fruit in a few minutes.

It is widely believed that the blackness means rotten bananas, and it became inedible and we throw it, but the fact that studies prove that the darkening bananas battling cancer. Vabaka structure indicates the maturation of bananas, the greater the presence contain a substance called TNF code ratio increased, which means in English Tumor Necrosis Factor, a tumor necrosis factor, which means they are material to fight cancer.

Ways to reduce the banana color change

There are ways you can avoid the banana change in color and prevent mature rapidly, namely:

- Use lemon juice or pineapple or grapefruit or apple juice. Workshops juice over fruit bananas or dipping slides in the juice immediately and left for a few minutes until the slide absorbs little of the juice. Or put sliced ​​bananas in a plastic bag with juice and Tkulaibh several times. In the case of the banana slices the color changed to brown, you can mitigate the color by soaking sliced ​​bananas in pineapple and grapefruit juice for 15 to 20 minutes.

- You can use soda water because it has a high capacity to maintain a fresh banana slices. And you can soak the banana slices in it.

- Use wax paper through the banana slices, then cut up the wax paper on top of them and pressing a little bit.

- You can sprinkle a little sugar on the fruit cut because the sugar works as a buffer between the fruit enzymes and air.

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