Acne is a skin blisters appear in adulthood in different areas of the body, particularly in the face. Acne is a disorder that affects hair follicle, and participate in this imbalance increased secretion of the sebaceous glands with a topical bacterial growth. Acne may appear and disappear without treatment alone or after-effects, but there are situations where you need medical treatment. The acne big annoyance for people, especially in women. How can the prevention of acne? Here are some simple tips.

How To Prevent Acne
- Maintaining the face Cleanliness: must be maintained on the face Abbargzle cleaner twice a day with lukewarm water and using a face lotion. He rubbed his face well and then removed him soap and drying private face with a towel. And be sure to clean the face at night through the use of make-up remover and put Holy Night, which protects the skin and nurtured.

- Moisturize the skin: moisten the skin of infected young love permanently advised, moisturizing also helps in the prevention of acne.

- Do not put perfume, creams harmful to the hair must alleviate the perfume oils on the hair and reduce the use of hairspray, because they directly affect the skin front and side of the face, leading to irritation and acne.

- Do not put your hands on the face: reducing Put your hands on the destination, Fmlamsh cheeks and chin permanently lead to the transmission of germs to the skin of the face, causing inflammation and thus the appearance of acne.

- Lack of exposure to grain: It is not desirable that someone touches acne and trying to remove them because it raises the proportion of transmission to other areas. In addition to the attempt to remove the grain may leave a mark and scars clearly place the pill.

- The use of the sun visor: You must use the visor of the sun, it is advisable to be fully protected because of sun exposure may irritate the skin and helps acne to appear.

- Stay away from fast food and garrison: Studies have shown that eating a balanced healthy diet, rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains, and stay away from junk food and saturated fats reduce the spread of acne.

- Exercise: The sport helps flush out toxins from the body and to lighten the pores, limiting the appearance of acne.

- Psychological calm: studies have shown that mental health Banekasathaaly loosen the skin. People most concerned are more prone to acne.

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