There are several measures of intelligence that can be relied upon human life in order to meet any educational or social difficulty and we are today through this article Snarafkm detail to some of the measures of intelligence and how to work out and Allam based to show results.

Binet Intelligence Scale

Invented this scale Alfred Binet, a French psychologist famous and is the first global measure of intelligence measured by sensory and motor skills for individuals, however, these measures do not always give the desired information for that evaluated the only functions that represent along with the imagination and the length of the quality of attention, memory and provisions aesthetic, moral and logical thinking and the ability to Aljmlh..hma understand the test is based on passages based on answers Aloochkas of different ages and then evaluate the answers to determine the proportion of intelligence enjoyed by everyone.

Wechsler scale of intelligence

Wexler put this test to distinguish between patients who Cano treat them in the hospital and then began running to measure the IQ of children which are set out on the basis of Binet's theory of intelligence and intelligence measures the standards in children and adults and children in pre-school. This measure is based on census figures, test design and test cubes arranging photos and collect things ...

McCarthy measure of mental ability

The McCarthy measure the mental ability of known standards and measures the level of intelligence in children, in particular, who are among those who suffer from learning problems and measures among the most important things to measure verbal for children and the number of paragraphs and scale Alzkaia Alatraki quantitative scale and the scale kinetic and paragraphs remembering and measure cognitive scale ... and build on the results displayed by this test teppan IQ of a child in order to receive the required assistance.

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