Pregnant women exposed to many risks to her pregnancy during the first nine months, and may be some of these risks touching heavily on the life of the fetus. Today, we have chosen to offer you adequate and sufficient information about the lack of water fetus, from the causes and effects and symptoms. See the following article to learn more about this topic.  

The general level of water fetus :

  The general level of water that surrounds the fetus in the womb is considered a semi-full coverage of the fetus, which starts slowly by drinking this water to pass into the body as urine, so a decrease in water fetus is normal condition, but transcends borders fast and in a strange way.

  Lack of water causes the fetus:

  - One of the main reasons leading to the fetus water shortage is having a tear in the amniotic sac, which contains the child in the womb, and this disruption must be addressed by a specialist doctor very often.

  - Is also one of the reasons leading to the shortage of water the fetus is more than 42 weeks of pregnancy later, and this may harm the child's health and childbirth both, so it is necessary to review the doctor immediately.

  - As well as the face of a problem with the placenta can lead to a lack of water fetus generates the largest and most dangerous problems on maternal and child health.

  - It is also the main reasons that cause water shortages fetus is taking certain medications that adversely affect the safety of pregnancy, so before taking any medication should consult a physician and facilities for women during pregnancy, so as to avoid such things.

  Symptoms of a lack of water fetus:

  - Symptoms that must be mindful of her women about the lack of water the fetus is small belly the size of the one who pregnant women, compared to its size in the previous months, so Saraei to see a doctor and consulted.

  - As well as a symptom of a lack of water fetus fetal growth not the right way, and this is detected through periodic and regular review of the specialist doctor throughout pregnancy.

  - Also not feeling the baby in the womb of the mother movement can be a symptom of a lack of water fetus.

  - Among the most prominent symptoms of a lack of water fetus also mention the water that women felt during her pregnancy leak, and this does not need to be treated by a doctor.

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