Uses a lot of family and the style of multiplication in an effort to them raising kids in particular the kids of them, but this technique in education is not feasible at all, it is here to offer you in this article is all you need to know him for hitting the child stubborn and how to avoid this step. Hit the child stubborn stresses doctors of psychology, the need not to hit the child whatever reason, because the child, especially the stubborn of it, would not learn anything from this step, but unlike Van this will increases the, not to his desire in learning or self-improvement. The basis of this point stresses experts the need to adopt latest style in dealing with the child stubborn away from the multiplication, as it should talk with the child, especially from reached the three years, what helps in the development of his character as things in during this period. As the actions of the child in this age and may not be due stubbornness in print as far as the result of reactions real-time caused a given situation was the result bad. Therefore, is advised not to hit because the reaction this may be the most severe in the next time, but enough to talk with him in a rational access to the results are you looking for. If you notice mother that your child Vector to do the work incorrect, you must by attracting attention in any order last track forget which was intended to do. Thus, shall parents attention well into the need not to hit the child stubborn never whatever reasons as it will feel then the fear of them will not wish then including this as well as to this topic has left has lots of psychological problems when grow up.

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