Strabismus in children, the problem may disappear if treated early, but if they did not Atdarkha parents may accompany the child for life. It is known that a person with strabismus may not his eyes to look at a certain something together, Vtnhrv, one of the inside or the outside, and sometimes up or down. In this article we Snde the causes of strabismus in children.


How squint shows?


Squint real show when the kids when a sloth in the eye. It occurs when a child's brain repeal of vision in one eye to avoid double vision. In this way, the eye that are used less turn into a lazy eye. If they turned out to be a lazy eye, this may lead to the loss of the ability to perceive the third dimension of things a hologram and depth, or estimate distances.


Strabismus false


Often you may discover hula when some babies have hula liar is not true, because their eyes parallel and straight. The reason for this phenomenon is due to be eyelids and face in children. When children have the skin folds in the eyelid, or have a broad nose, it causes the covered part of the eye, the child appears to be suffering from strabismus. And disappears strabismus false while growing up the child's face, then at least show the nose bridge.


The causes of strabismus


Strabismus arise if there is a defect in the eye muscles that control the movement, or in the brain that controls them is due to several reasons, including:


- Birth defects and appear in a maximum period of six months after birth.

- Paralysis or brain tumors in the brain.

- Down syndrome child or Mongolian

- Myopia for a long time directly affects the eye muscles, leading to deviation of one of them. - Exposure to severe fever, a disease or even extreme tension that can be experienced by children because of changing school or parental separation.

- Fibrosis, which leads to paralysis of the eye muscles and is caused by increased activity of the thyroid.

- An eye injury or a muscle or a nerve that controls them during or after childbirth.

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