Usually it is the reason behind the delay of the child to speak parents who meet all his desires without speaking, and this is what makes it is compelled to express. But in some cases there may be a severe delay in pronunciation when the child starts to speak at a later age. In this article we will explain the reasons for the delayed speech in children in the Third Age.


Causes delayed speech in children


Specialist Speech Therapy helps to identify and behind the delayed speech when your child causes may be psychological reasons or membership:


- Psychological reasons or Altakatabah Kaltlosm and inability to pronounce the letters of the exits, has been caused by the lack of talk with little or intimidating down or sadness over the loss of a family member even if it's small. Children are aware of the disappearance of the people who love them.


- A lack of motivation. When sitting too long in front of the TV screen and there is no one to speak with him, it is natural not to speak. Valtlvzion not know to speak because it is not interactive.


- Lack of understanding. If a child's IQ is low, it is natural that he has delayed speech.


- There are also organic causes, such as tongue tied which is a very common problem, where many children are born and the introduction tongues strapped with a belt of tissue down. And it needs to be a simple process.


- Birth defects play a big role in a child's delayed speech. He likes to be born and has a defect in the lip or palate, or jaws.


- If the child suffers from autism, this issue may affect the pronunciation has, but this does not mean that the child if the delay in speech means that an autistic child.


- It may be the child also suffers from a hearing problem it is a basic sense of influence in language learning. But if it turns out that the problem is audio and gave the baby early treatment will be able to speak easily. If either hearing intact, is being sure of the safety of the child from the brain composition of hand, and focus on the areas of speech in the brain.

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