Insomnia is one of the most important things in the negative during pregnancy, especially in the final months of pregnancy is the result of physical and psychological changes in a pregnant woman and lead to drastic changes in her life. Although this does not affect the fetus, but he needed radical treatment. Hence, we offer you in this subject through my health all you want to know about the causes of and treatments for insomnia when pregnant site.


The causes of insomnia when pregnant


- Changes in hormones that changes in the levels of progesterone and other hormones lead to the emergence of a defect in the carrier's ability to sleep continuously and here we find a pregnant compelled to take more than a nap during the day, what affects the normal pattern of sleep.


- Frequent urination: that frequent urination especially at night as a result of the expansion of the uterus, leading to pressure on the bladder is one of the fundamental causes of insomnia in the night.


- Back pain: a Alrgman that this problem does not exist in the first two-thirds of the pregnancy, but that whenever the larger the size of the abdomen, especially in the third trimester pregnant woman will feel the pain in the back, especially with the position taken inappropriate during sleep.


The treatment of insomnia when pregnant


- Sleeping posture: that the best position for sleeping is sleeping on the side, because this situation helps to relieve back pain, and advised doctors in this rack frame to sleep on her side left where this facilitates the flow of blood and nutrients to the placenta process.


- The quality of the food: a pregnant woman to stay away as much as possible for soft drinks and fried food and warm and with too much spice, citrus juices, tomatoes, and try to avoid chocolate, caffeine, especially in the latter part of the day, where they may cause you insomnia and lack of sleep.

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