Children are the most affected by the stroke of the sun. Eliminating a full day at sea, or fun in the sun of the child shall be subjected to elevated temperature in the sun and sometimes even inside the house during severe heat waves if the house was not adapted well. To protect your child from heatstroke to you these tips.


Water: I give the child plenty of fluids to compensate for the lost during the playing of the race and salts. It is best to give your child a glass of water every hour, and to avoid dehydration. And you can feed them fruits and vegetables that contain a large amount of fluids including at least five pills a day.


Wear cotton clothes: child must wear clothes made of cotton, which absorbs sweat and gives the skin the proper ventilation, to prevent the spread of bacteria and germs, and stay away as much as possible for fabrics that contain nylon because it kept the heat. And be careful for your child can choose light colors such as white, because it reflects sunlight, unlike the dark colors that displays the child to many complications.


Wear a hat and glasses: the child must put a big hat protects it from the sun's harmful rays, and the use of glasses suitable to help him protect his eyes.


Cream and sun visor: Choosing the right Karim for the child and the type of skin and also be water-resistant if the sea. It is very important to repeat the cream every two hours. Use a sunscreen with a high degree rays. And if you intend to take your child to the pool, try to keep him away from the sun at peak hours ie from ten in the morning until four in the afternoon, or put it under the umbrella.


What are you doing to your child suffered a sunstroke?


If your child suffered a sunstroke, first, before being taken to the hospital, the body cooled through a wet clothes with water or immersing the baby's body with water, and put a fan next to him until he gets the air. Second, you must measure the temperature frequently and must stop if the cooling body temperature dropped about 38 degrees. Child addresses the hospital by giving fluids intravenously.

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