The cholesterol is a soft white waxy substance found in the blood and when all the people, the body needs to work normally and used in the construction of cells are present in the cell membrane in the brain and in the nerves and muscles, skin, liver, intestines and heart. Heart uses material cholesterol to produce many hormones and digest fats, and the body only a small amount to do the many tasks that we have mentioned needs. How to increase or decrease this amount than normal that affect the brain?


The effect of cholesterol on the brain


Moves cholesterol in the blood in the form of fatty proteins are divided into two indispensable first is harmful cholesterol and low density of LDL cholesterol, the good and the second high density of HDL. Working arteries in the body on the transfusion of blood from the heart to the whole body and the presence of a lot of LDL cholesterol may increase the rate of emergence of fatty plaques in the arteries, which is a tough combination of cholesterol and fat.


In the event of these plaques, which we had talked about; in the arteries that carry blood to the brain may reduce the proportion of the arrival of sufficient blood or the required amount thus reduce the proportion of the arrival of the amount of oxygen necessary Vtsab brain cells damages rapidly due to excessive sensitivity, and the cells start to die, what Damagah.omn may cause ischemic stroke symptoms, feeling weak and Alakhaddrar abruptly, in addition to a person's health problems and difficulties, according to the affected area of the brain in some cases, a person may become infected brain damaged and total disability and even death in certain cases.


It's very important when you feel these symptoms consult your family doctor or any health doctor health to try to determine the cause of the appearance of these symptoms, even if the person is suffering from cholesterol in the early stages of trying to be alert to avoid high rate.

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