Fear when the child affective and emotional state of the accompanying emotion psychophysical, haunt these feelings of the child when the external stimulation causes the sense of danger and is an expression of self-preservation in some form. Some parents may notice a lot of the multiple fears when their children so in this article Madm Aliki some information about the fear in children.


How to deal with fear when the child


Parents should be careful in spite of the difficulty of the situation do not show panic in front of the child and not to discuss any issue with the parents or partner in the case was the subject may affect the concentration of the child and fear in particular. If the child is wrong should not be threatened with things or sayings scary and intimidating to some acts may seem violent. The child must feel a lot of love and attention from parents as well as an important quantity of warm kisses and long vibrios. Parents should not make fun of their child no matter what the situation was difficult, it may increase a child's fears.


You must always speak with the child and an argument for positively and make sure not to liken the child any child knows from friends and relatives. In addition it is desirable not to see the child for horror movies is very frightening and do not let anyone show of hands on our child and make sure the child dialogue about the important things you should know.


Moreover, in some cases you must request from the child's help in certain tasks or to hire a certain responsibility then be sure to thank him for the effort he has done first, and then to praise the great work and responsibility. Not to allow any person at any age was touching the child or hit him or hurt them.

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