Women's hair always needs constant care, because it is conclusive evidence on the extent of care for Mrs. herself, and the extent of cleanliness and elegance. But here a lot of things that women are usually harmless to a large extent for the hair, and know more about these things offer you in this topic list habits destroy hair.
Damaging Habits hair
- The use of faulty products: It may be difficult for a woman to know that her hair type, hence you may have to use types of shampoo or conditioner does not Anspainh leads to damage it and therefore if I felt that this product does not suit your hair you stop using it and not to wait until the end of the caddy.
- Lack of sun visor put cream during the day: This is the fault of the more mistakes have a negative effect on the hair, it is not a luxury; it is things are very necessary because the sun's harmful rays cause damage to the skin and the skin easily.
- Wash hair day: that the natural oils in the hair is a kind of nutrients to the scalp and parties, and therefore, the daily hair washing leads to dryness and the elimination of the natural oils of the scalp.
- The hair and it is wet: Um wet hair is weaker than hair situations and therefore prefer not discharged in this case even by washing it with water.
- Drying hair with dehumidifier: The use of electric hair drying caused dry hair and damaged, especially in case of hot air drying devices, then it leads to bomb the parties to the hair and dry and the weakness of their color and smoothness.
- Altsfivat that pulls the hair back: that any hairstyle based on the pressure and intensity of the hair badly, make hair closer to the weakness and precipitation, especially if the hair is long.

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