In this issue you will discover you submitted for the most prominent common health problems faced by a lot of people in the holy month of Ramadan fasting could make harder and it becomes impossible to take advantage of the expected benefits of this month.


- Manipulation weight should not diet during Ramadan is different from that applied in the rest of the diet days and must keep it simple and diversified to avoid manipulation or weight gained or lost. Therefore, you must first and given the long hours of fasting, which may do the person eating the slow digestion of foods which contain fiber and are usually free of saturated fat.

- Constipation: may cause constipation cracks and problems with hemorrhoids annoying person in the anal canal as well as to get swollen because of the discharge of the body of materials that are not needed, moreover, not eating copious amounts of water, along with a repeat of eating and eating foods that Lt. contain fiber.

- Digestive problems: because eating a lot of fatty foods or fried or fatty and sometimes eating spicy foods that cause annoying gases in the stomach a person may suffer from a feeling of indigestion.

- Lethargy and fatigue: the fasting person may feel tired and permanent fatigue, lethargy and low ambition to do a lot of business if it requires little effort and all that is a result of not eating enough fluids and lower the amount of salt in the body.

Health tips useful for Ramadan

Must at this critical period, always careful to keep the body cool and not to be subjected to a lot of fatigue and avoid actions that require a major effort, and not to eat large amounts of fatty foods and drinking plenty of fluids, especially water.

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