The causes of birth in the seventh month

Premature birth is the occurrence of regular uterine contractions and sustained enough to occurrence of birth before the arrival of fetal growth for Week 37, and starting from the period of the fetus's ability to live outside the uterus, which are within the limits of the 20 weeks. Prior to that, these indicators are not considered abortion and premature birth. The causes of premature birth are the following:
- Pregnancy in more than one embryo.
- The presence of premature birth in a previous pregnancy.
- Birth defects in the formation of the uterus.
- Delayed from the normal growth of the fetus.
- The presence of the placenta in an abnormal location within the uterus.
- Early separation of the placenta.
- Early rupture of the membranes of embryonic and fetal descent of the water.
- Teenage pregnancy.
- The presence of congenital defects or chromosomal defect in the fetus.
- Resort to abortions unintended frequently.
- A pregnancy within only 4 months of previous births.
- Malnutrition and low weight.
- Severe anemia.
- Smoking and addiction to drugs and alcohol.
- Heart disease.
- Hypertension during pregnancy.
- Exposure to incidents of violence and physical trauma.
- Exposure to infection in the genital tract up to the fetus due to lack treated properly.
- Exposure to blood poisoning in the body.
- In irritation of the peritoneum surrounding the abdominal cavity because of advanced gastric ulcer or inflammation of appendicitis.
- Lack of access to regular medical follow-up from the beginning of pregnancy.
Symptoms of birth in the seventh month
- Start early contractions of the uterus: are these contractions being a regular and continuous intervals decreases with time, and is often described as a feeling in the abdomen Balanaqbad frequently occurs.
- Pain: Pain in the back shows the region in particular, and be accompanied by a feeling of heaviness in the pelvic area in the lower part of the abdominal cavity.
- Vaginal discharge: attention should be paid to the nature of vaginal discharge even be described accurately to the doctor as soon as access to the hospital, and divided these discharges to: dots of light blood, or bleeding severely, or discharge is bloody light, or the rush of a large amount of water at one time. - It is also public disorder symptoms such as feelings of physical condition abdominal cramps, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, and fever.
Premature birth problems are generally in the simple principle that the baby is born prematurely imply a lack of physical growth is complete yet, what makes a child born early vulnerable to health problems and complications at a higher rate than his counterparts from the children born in the natural time.

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