The eat quickly is common misconceptions habits, especially among young people, along with the lack of good chewing care and continue eating even after the stomach is full. This phenomenon is a cause of injury to health problems in the digestive tract and metabolic syndrome food.

Complications eat quickly
This type of disorder can lead to a significant increase in weight, in addition to another set of physical and mental side effects, including the risk of diabetes type II, the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol level of probability. As well as depression or anxiety, increased stress and difficulty sleeping.
 Experts say, that eating fast can display stomach problems are indispensable. When you dine quickly, you swallow a large amount of air as well as food intake, causing a feeling of bloating spam. During the process of eating at normal speed, the saliva helps to break up food and therefore easier on the digestive system to digest and process the stomach. And when you eat quickly, it is not exposed to sufficient amount of saliva and digestive process remains focused only on the digestive system, which leads to poor digestion. In addition, the speed-eating does not give the brain time to realize that he had felt full.
Try as much as possible to eat your food slowly, and avoid eating and you are standing in front of the dining table. It is necessary to sit down to the table, and put the amount you would like addressed within your plate. It is also better to a little stop eating and drink a little water, and then resume eating. Finally, a parent must correct dietary habits children develop at an early age, for the prevention of these diseases and others.

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