Sterile blood means being in the human body, and when bacteria enter the bloodstream gets contaminated, what is a serious thing and may threaten human life. There are two cases of the interaction of blood contamination, first when the natural body's immune system to eliminate the infection and sterilization of blood again, and the second lead when the bacteria in the bloodstream to a significant occurrence of inflammation and infection. Valantan threatens human life and requires a hospital stay and receive immediate treatment, because the bacteria can be transmitted to other areas in the body and cause serious diseases such as chronic internal section of the heart that knows rheumatoid endocarditis and osteomyelitis.
Vulnerable groups Lasabh contaminated blood
Some people, especially those who have a weakened immune system are more likely than anyone else to suffer contamination of the blood. The most vulnerable people are infants, the elderly, people with AIDS, people who have been eradicated Tahalhm and cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. Also, people who inject drugs are at high risk of contamination of the blood as a result of their use of non-sterile injections.
The causes of the contamination of the blood
The causes of the contamination of multiple blood, it may be a source of pollution, the internal organs or the result of an infection from an external source such as flogging as germs appear on synthetic patches fuzes artificial heart. The exposure to large burns of the reasons leading to the contamination of the blood, which Aattabrohd the main causes of death of people who were subjected to burns.
Symptoms of blood contamination
The symptoms vary depending on the contamination of the blood stages. In the early stages the symptoms are felt by each patient such as feelings of stress and weakness, fatigue, confusion, nausea, vomiting and the patient may feel excessive ventilation.
In developed carryover becomes most part the severity of symptoms, and the patient gets fever, chills, sweating, restlessness due to lower body temperature, drop in blood pressure, shock and injury. In the most serious cases may Tzartqtqh in teeth and an increase in heart rate and the number of breaths, and rashes and problems with blood clotting and systemic failure of the injury. It is noteworthy that these cases are usually accompanied by very high rates of illness and death, which requires providing immediate and intensive treatment.

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