It is natural that you feel the pregnant women in the last three months of her pregnancy heartburn after eating a certain period of time, in the upper abdomen. A lot of behind it, including the stomach muscle relaxant slot top reasons to facilitate the return of sour secretions into the esophagus and pregnant sense of nagging heartburn. In this issue we will try to address this problem by asking some adjuvant therapies.
Pregnant women and burning sensation
Pregnant women suffer because of the increased rate of production of progesterone and relaxes the stomach muscle as a result of constant pressure on the stomach by the growth of the fetus; the burning sensation annoying after eating a period of hours of time, and these symptoms disappear until after the birth but to fix the problem, there are some steps that can be done them, including:
The necessary steps to get rid of heartburn
- Pregnant women alleviate a lot of drinks that contain caffeine very high rates such as coffee, tea and soft drinks, as well as fatty acids and harmful Krkaiq fried potatoes, biscuits, sweets and sweetened foods cuisine.
- When you feel hungry you should not pregnant women eating large amounts of food, but access to a variety of small meals during the day so as to avoid burning sensation as much as possible. At mealtimes women must be careful to chew food well because eating fast and swallowing without chewing well it worse may increase.
- When cooking should pregnant women to stay away from the spices in the food especially severe or warm them Kra, for example, red pepper, chili, and do not eat spicy foods.
- Is bound to take notice of the pregnant not to gain weight is beyond the normal range of weight during pregnancy, it is best to consult a doctor or dietitian in this area.
- When you wake up after Saba glass of water is advised eating a small piece of bread to prevent burning sensation, lack of sleep night after eating immediately.

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