The initial months of pregnancy is one of the most sensitive months when the mother because it proves pregnancy or the mother is exposed to spontaneous abortion. In no event abortion What are the symptoms and what the main reasons that led to him? Here with us today to answer through this story of my health.
The reasons for abortion
Spontaneous abortion usually occurs in the first twenty weeks of pregnancy and the later if you do it forced abortion. Of the causes of spontaneous abortion, we find the mother infection and exposure to radiation or some problems in maternal health such as poor in the body or too skinny, besides included the mother anemia, and suffering from lack of hormonal stability in the ovarian hormones or pituitary or thyroid, with the presence of congenital problems abnormalities in the womb or in it.
In addition to the reasons the information we mention alcohol intake, smoking and a weakened immune system or the mother infected with AIDS and other serious diseases and chronic diseases such as heart, kidney, liver and diabetes. Tension is also the causes of abortion and should warn the mother during pregnancy from carrying heavy things or exposure to strong blows to the abdomen or even take exercise is not a strong suit of pregnancy.
Symptoms of abortion
The initial symptoms of abortion mention vaginal bleeding is profuse or intermittent sometimes accompanies this with cramps in the lower abdomen may be fixed or also intermittent. During Algjhad women feel pain in the lower back, ranging from light, medium or sharp and noticed the descent Mottaglt blood and not liquid. Symptoms Algjhad also mention nausea and vomiting with continuing diarrhea are usually associated with it mild or severe high temperature with the general weakness in the health and feeling dizzy.

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