Many people feel weak in their sight without realizing the things that brought them to this situation and wonder as well as the common symptoms albeit apply to them in this regard. From here we will give you today through this topic causes and symptoms of low vision for Thzawa wider on this topic information.
Reasons for the poor jerk
Have a look weak in some people the proportion of genetic factors besides falls neglect of eating healthy foods rich in fresh vegetables and fruits. Instead addresses of persons Fast food includes harmful substances to the eye as to different parts of the body. There are other reasons neglect cleanliness of eyes and validity of a whole Valverosat and germs that infect the eye to weaken look at the part of the individual injury Bomrd such as diabetes, which affects the sense of sight. This recall excessive sitting in front of the TV screen and near them, with the use of unprotected computer screens that release harmful rays eye. There is also a misuse of contact lenses and failure to maintain the cleanliness or the use of lenses that belonging to other persons.
Symptoms of low vision
Of the most prominent symptoms of low vision is not to the individual's sense of clarity has to disturb as well as the difficulty of reading, writing and, of course, come back to reason and blurred vision. The infected person feels is also a change in the real colors with severe headaches and fatigue constantly feeling tired. A person with more than twice the matter has a number Remcat eye with swelling and bulging out, and also feel the presence of strange things in front of the eye Khalat, and increase the secretion of the eye tears and no longer distinguish objects near them. It appears when the patient blacked out areas in the image, seen also disturbed under any circumstances shine a strong light on the eye or lighting change somewhere. Frequently infected weakness consideration of rubbing the eye and forehead remains surly and intentionally rounded things from the eye to be able to distinguish and be able to see things in the daytime than at night.

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