Many women suffer from the problem of the rapid abortion or miscarriage, especially the first time you carry out. This can affect the next pregnancy and affect negatively on the psyche of women. How can avoid the loss of pregnancy? Here are the top tips in this area.
Tips for a healthy pregnancy
Our advice to you is from a recent medical study conducted in Denmark about the possibility of avoiding the incidence of miscarriage, it was found that this is possible by 25% through lifestyle changes. What the researchers said that the first lift more than 20 kilograms or increase women's weight or deficiency than normal are all negative factors that can lead to miscarriage. And so in addition to other factors such as age, alcohol and work in night shifts. Here's the main tips that you should follow it:
- Stay away from alcohol.
- Stay away from smoking nor Ttoagda in places where there are smokers.
- Do not take any prescription drugs before consulting a doctor.
- Do not get pregnant any purpose beyond weighed 20 kilograms.
- Keep a balanced and healthy diet and try to avoid weight gain unexplained.

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