Fitness is the main concern for everyone nowadays, the Library, continues all looking for ways to preserve the texture and thicken each looking for agility by following a diet and some physical sport and all in order to achieve this. But the possibility that obesity and the loss of agility may Akunan indicator of healthy defect or disease that is responsible for weight gain and one of the most important causes is a defect in the thyroid remains have time passes without the discovery of that and this result is always a failure in diets and in achieving agility.


Thyroid symptoms on the body

Symptoms of thyroid disease occurrence general weakness and laziness, and swelling of face and high temperature and constant fatigue as well as the occurrence of difficulty in breathing and continuous increase in sweating, muscle weakness continuing in the hand, chills and severe neurological addition, the presence of a very big appetite in the patient with weight loss and sometimes diarrhea in the same time.


Moreover, the lack of special hormone thyroid causes loss of appetite and weight gain and the patient may feel that he needs to lethargic and sleeping too much or headaches here should see a doctor for a test to determine if you have a weakness in the thyroid gland.


This gland located in the neck and a regulating energy metabolism and use. If the thyroid gland, slow movement, this leads to a slowdown in the process of metabolism in women and often leads to weight gain. Cause to retain salt and water in the human body increases weight fast, especially in the abdominal area.


Van An increase in weight with the symptoms of hypothyroidism also These symptoms include extreme fatigue and sometimes constipation and anger of the cold temperatures and thinning hair, and sometimes loss of the latter.

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