Complaining about a large percentage of people from stomach ulcer that threaten the safety of their health, and in this context it is necessary to speed up the processing to get rid of Ytharha negative effects on the body. We offer you in this article the most effective ways to treat stomach ulcer easy by methods available in the house.


What is a stomach ulcer?

Stomach ulcer is a type of stomach ulcers that afflict as its name indicates, which is often caused by a type of bacteria that infect the stomach, and often have been caused by the impact of the sharp and sour cuisine that cause harm to the stomach. And take the form of a simple ulcer rip in the stomach expands in the case has not been dealt with, and every time Almzk expands, the more pain in people who suffer from it.


Treat stomach ulcer at home



Ginger is considered one of the best types of foods that help alleviate the pain caused by stomach ulcer, and in this context, you have a hot drink from this food item I eat on a daily basis, so Taatmkny of feeling more on the level of the stomach comfortably.


the banana

Tnwal bananas on a regular daily basis helps you get rid of the problem of gastric ulcer in particular, and it contains the appropriate fiber Taatkhvev from the pain of it. Eating two bananas daily after meals to feel better in the stomach level.



Mmufov can also play a prominent Doras in terms of getting rid of infectious ulcers being contains a high percentage of antioxidants, which contribute to the alleviation of the feeling of heartburn. To get a better result, you can eat cabbage juice is useful for your health.



Many health benefits provided by the pineapple for people suffering from health problems, especially gastric ulcer, this fruit helps to modify the acidity in the body, especially because it contains a high percentage of vitamins are beneficial to humans, particularly vitamin A and vitamin c.

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