It appears on the baby's symptoms and sometimes obvious signs of discomfort on the mother should consult a pediatrician immediately after the onset of symptoms of severe fatigue and exhaustion on the baby. The child gets sick usually during autumn and winter months because cold air and excess heating in enclosed places, especially if the child has not reached three months after. Is the first year of the child's stage of life the most accurate so the mother to pay attention to symptoms that may be experienced by infants and multiple injuries, including colds and the immaturity of the immune system tissue.


Effective ways to treat colds in infants

- Use a few drops of saline solution in the nose of the baby. These drops are available at your local pharmacy can use a few drops of breast milk also after using the drops Use a syringe to suction mucus from your baby's nose.


- Use a moisturizing or vapor in the baby's room to change the dry air inside his room.


- Use hot water and steam to the bathroom to clean nasal congestion in infants nationalist Fill the hot tub and then Carry it until the child inhale the steam and come down mucus and child in hot water just put your Take advantage of steam.


- Try to keep the child's status vertical as possible when you lift Pillow sleep so you do not choke on mucus.


- Ardaa baby milk your breasts as much as possible because mother's milk is rich with antibiotics.


- Fat Vaseline on the child's nose and rub a small amount of it on the outside with a focus on areas that seem painful and red color.


- Use a humidifier to reduce the inflammation of the sinus congestion and making sure the baby get plenty of rest.


- The need to wash the baby's nose by normal several times every day and moisturize baby's room with steam and not to give the baby the-counter medications for cough, but for children who are over the age of three states during the cold bath to relieve muscle pain.

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