From the gig and the most dangerous diseases that may infect children is a problem slurred speech and their inability to pronounce words correctly, or significantly pronounced slowly. This problem does not occur for all children, it affects only some of them and it was due to a variety of different patients, some of which could be cured while others may be a disease has no cure moral reasons. And we will learn more through our topic today on the weight of the tongue disease in children.
Causes slurred speech
- Cerebrovascular disorders: Sometimes if a child of the children who are suffering from heart problems since birth or a young age may appear the problem has slurred speech due to a stroke or muscular disorders and neurological leads to hardening of the atrophy of the tongue.
- Psychological conditions: the child in a lot of times may suffer as a result of many of the problems that may face social Kalmhakl or at home with parents or at school appearance of heaviness in his speech, so in this case you should consult a psychiatrist to help the child overcome his problems first and then get rid of gravity in his tongue.
- Supporting the others: the person with the slurred speech of embarrassment may suffer in a lot of situations that sometimes may hurt him seriously and caused him to resort to isolation and withdrawal into himself away from criticism of people Garah, humiliation must be the family that plays an important role in supporting Child well-Mhaotth to allow him to complete his life as normal if it was possible at the time to get rid of this annoying problem suffered.
Problems associated with the problem of slurred speech
A child may suffer the weight of the tongue of many of the symptoms associated with this problem, which may affect the brain and nerves, as it may find it difficult to clear vision and difficulty walking and a focus and an inability to think clearly and reduced his ability to read and write.

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